Code of Conduct for Good Neighbours
29 Sep 2018


Code of Conduct for Good Neighbours was developed during the Conference held in 2018

1. Get to know your neighbours. 

2. Exchange regular greetings. 

3. Keep the noise level down(1) . 

4. Be gracious and promote harmony(2) . 

5. Do your part to keep shared areas clean. 

6. Be helpful. Keep an eye out for each other. 

7. Exercise control and limit disturbances to others (3) . 

8. Choose a friendly approach over any angry confrontation whenever problems arise(4) . 

9. It is always a good idea to think about how your possessions, actions or words will affect your neighbours. 

10. Tactfully engage with tenants, new citizens or foreign workers who do not fully know the neighbourhood and local practice. 

(1) Especially if you reside in a multi-storey apartment building, be aware that noise may be transmitted to your neighbours’ units

(2) Respect each other’s cultural and religious practices and be aware that some activities may affect your neighbours.

(3) Your community is a rich mix of people leading unique lives. You may have young children, elderly parents or pets. You may work night shifts. You may be caring for someone ill. Appreciate that your neighbour’s circumstances may differ from yours.

(4) If you have not yet engaged your neighbour in friendly communication, avoid going to the authorities in the first instance. Alternative forms of intervention can come from a friend or relative, church or temple elder or community mediator.